About Us

        Our company roots go back to 1878, in Gloversville, NY where 90% of all gloves sold in America were then made. Our fine men’s and women’s dress gloves were cut from the same African cabretta sheepskin that we still use today. We pioneered in the development of  golf gloves in the 1920’s at the suggestion of a Saks 5th Avenue dress glove buyer who couldn’t grip his golf club in the rain. The first golf glove was a modified dress glove made of suede, as are the best rain gloves sold today .

        In 1936 we patented the first commercially successful golf glove, the “shorty”, with an open back and a strip of rubberized “Snugtex” (usually used around the waistband to hold up pants) across the palm. In the 1960s we introduced the first gloves using Velcro under the brand Star-Grip which we still use today. Velcro allowed the first really tight fit across the palm and almost every golf glove today uses it.

        Gradually, the thousands of first generation Gloversville workers with the skills they had brought from England, Germany and Italy retired and the next generation moved on to less demanding and better paying jobs. GE was just down the road from Gloversville.

        For lack of willing labor, the fine glove industry died in the U.S. and sadly, only a relatively few rough work gloves are now made in the U.S. that don’t require the fit or finish of a golf glove.

        A golf glove must fit like a second skin and the skills and techniques to accomplish this are difficult to learn and laborious to use. So in the 1970’s we transferred these old world skills overseas and developed new, state of the art partner factories in Indonesia and India where long traditions of fine needlecraft exist. These factories, employing together 1500 workers, are regularly inspected and qualified to the highest world Social and Safety standards by independent auditors as is required by our major customers.

        Our main offices and distribution center are here in Johnstown (Gloversville’s sister city) as is our R&D Center, where new leather processes and new synthetic leathers are constantly under development. Some of our recently invented  leather technologies include GRAFLEX™ lubricated with graphite for long wear; TRITAN™ the first fully machine washable/dryable golf leather; Aloetan, aloe impregnated leather for smooth hand maintenance; SUPERTAC™ with an amazingly grippy surface and most recently “Touch” leather for use with touch screens.