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  • Feather Grip

    • Comfort enhanced by micro ventilated finger gussets.
    • Ergonomic “U” track construction for stability and custom-like fit.
    • Anti-microbial treatment for a fresh glove under all conditions.
    • 45% stronger in tear tests than synthetic leathers.
    • 110% stronger in tear tests than golf cabretta leathers.
    • 64% more abrasion resistant than golf cabretta leather.
    • 10 times more breathable than synthetic leather.
    • 8 times more breathable than golf leather.
    • 26% thinner and 12% lighter than golf synthetic leathers.
    • 21% thinner and 25% lighter than golf cabretta leathers.
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  • Type Available Sizes
    Men’s Left Reg. S M ML L XL
    Men’s Left Cadet S M ML L XL
    Men’s Right Reg. S M ML L XL
    Women’s Left Reg. S M ML L