Glove Terms

Bench Cut: A cutting method used by USGlove that originated in Europe in the 1500’s by which normally non-uniform stretchable leathers are carefully pulled and set to a precise stretchability so that when made into gloves, every glove will fit consistently within a set tolerance range. Most gloves today are cut directly from the skin resulting in erratic fit.

Cabretta: A generic term from a particular species of sheep that has fine hair instead of wool. The hair results in small follicles, contributing to the leather’s extreme strength at light weights.

Digitized: A process of debossing the surface of a material with a non-directional gripping pattern that can improve drag by up 20% over that of a smooth surfaced material.

Ethiopian Cabretta: The best raw material for golf gloves because the animals skin tends to be thinner than other origins allowing for naturally thinner & stronger leather.

GraFlex: A patented tanning process that lubricates leather with micro-sized graphite particles which never wash or wear away (unlike conventional oils & fats used in most leathers)

Graphite: Native carbon which is completely inert and unaffected by chemicals & acids making in an ideal component in leather used in golf gloves that are subjected to sweat, golf course chemicals & the elements.

Hydrolyte: A new synthetic leather that combines the high performance of soft, durable polyurethane coated synthetics with the comfort & breathability of wicking & micro porous textiles.

Microfiber: The smallest reducible strand of polyester or nylon that gives extreme softness to a matrix used as the base material for premium synthetics.

MicroFleece: A fleece back material composed of microfibers that create lightweight warmth & insulation.

Spandex: A fiber that has multidirectional stretch to give a snug, form fitting feel.

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