Platinum Supreme

Graphite tanned to make the glove impervious to golf course chemicals as well as the acids in sweat for a longer usable life.
Microfit construction assures the fit will be consistent round after round.

Ti Fusion

Titanium enhances the palm leather’s natural strength by bonding to the surface of each fiber which reinforces its overall tensile strength.
3rd generation design enhances the microfit spandex construction. Added flex points in the fingers and a spandex bridge joining the back of your hand to your thumb gives greatest comfort and fit.

Thin Ice

Specifically designed for summer and extreme heat conditions.
Super lightweight construction for maximum comfort under hot conditions.
This is the first golf glove specifically designed for extreme heat conditions.

Feather Grip

Comfort enhanced by micro ventilated finger gussets.
Ergonomic “U” track construction for stability and custom-like fit.
Anti-microbial treatment for a fresh glove under all conditions.

Star Grip

Lighter grip minimizes fatigue and reduces chance of blistering.
In tests at the University of Minnesota club head speed increased up to 4.4% using 3M grip technology resulting in up to 10 yards longer drives.

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