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  • Star Grip

    • Lighter grip minimizes fatigue and reduces chance of blistering.
    • In tests at the University of Minnesota club head speed increased up to 4.4% using 3M grip technology resulting in up to 10 yards longer drives.
    • Reduced seam palm construction with wing thumb provides smoothest club feel.
    • Bulky elastic is replaced by light weight silicone stretch areas for snug and perfect fit.
    • Hyperventilated finger gussets breathe 30 times better than leather for comfort in hot weather.
    • 3M Microreplication technology provides the gripping power of thousands of tiny fingers.
    • 43% greater surface gripping friction than a leather glove provides.
    • Dramatic reduction in gripping force needed, allowing greater control and accuracy.
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  • Type Available Sizes
    Men’s Left Reg. S M ML L XL
    Men’s Left Cadet S M ML L XL